Importance Events:

(Cyprus Under the Ottoman Empire: Wikipedia) and (Cyprus History: Otoman Period)
  • Turkish – Venetian War (1570 – 1573) - (Wikipedia/History)
    • Cyprus was initially under the rule of the Republic of Venice
      • Venice annexed it in 1498
    • Turks had been raiding Cyprus’s coast on and off
    • July 2, 1570 - first real fight occurred: Turks sent 60,000 troops to Lissamol
    • Nicosia was the first major city in Cyrus to fall (Domino Effect)
      • Nicosia’s fall = Cyprus Massacre
      • Kyrenia fell next (no shots fired because of Massacre)
      • Followed by Famagusta (all key cities of Cyprus)
    • The Fall of Famagusta marked the beginning of Turkish Rule in Cyprus
    • Cyprus remained under Ottoman rule for three centuries after defeat
  • Cyprus Massacre (Ottoman rise to power) - (Wikipedia)
    • Occurred on September 9, 1570 because of the Turkish – Venetian War
    • A massacre of an unknown amount (20,000) of Christians in Cyprus
    • Massacre allowed Turks to conquer Kyrenia easily
  • Ottoman Rule in Cyprus - (Wikipedia/History)
    • 1570, the Turks took over Cyprus
    • Lala Mustafa Pasha became the first Turk governor in Cyprus
    • Original Cyprus inhabitants looked to Europe for help to over thrown the Turks
    • Between 1572 and 1668, 28 uprisings to over thrown the Ottoman Empire occurred
      • All failed
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